Flat batteries! – a too common event

Managing an unusual and unique car parking facility servicing Sydney Domestic and Sydney International Airports (www.MascotParkingServices.com.au) often is fraught with dilemma. One of the most common occurences of this is flat battery syndrome!

Whether the battery is brand new or not, parked for a long time or not, latest electronics or not we average about 2 – 3 flat batteries a week!

Such is the volume we have had to purchase a recharger unit which makes it easier to help our clients, BUT if you have a problem like we did last week, where not even the keys would open the vehicle, then you will have to call for roadside assistance.

Luckily the poor man (self parked) who came in on an early flight, tired and surprised that his car wouldn’t unlock, received a great tip from us – as his car is a Mazda, there is a local dealership 5 minutes away (there are quite a few car dealers nearby) and he found out he still had a week left on his roadside assistance!

Phew, that could have been a very expensive addition to the end of his holiday.

If you are parking for a long period of time, it is suggested you have your battery checked if it is holding charge (could be a faulty alternator also) and as some of our clients do, disconnect the battery (check with a mechanic or road assistance first!).

We charge $25 to start your car, so it’s good to err on the side of caution.

Cheers and happy holidays!

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