Business break and jungle trek!

Well after 6 months research, planning and scheduling, Deborah and I are finally taking a break 14.3 – 29.3.

A massive whirlwind break with 7 different flights, 5 different airlines, 2 countries overseas and an 8 day road trip from Darwin via Kakadu to Uluru!

Every last detail has been tried tested and posted to the itinerary, all put together over many weeks with tours, stop overs, accommodation and highlights all detailed hour by hour, day by day.

We will be posting great stories, video and pics for all to see and read of what is possible when you’re organised and done your homework – so let’s see if I’m right that all this is possible without wiping ourselves out and keeping as close as possible to our $4000 budget (each)!

Lu’s tips for going away!

I bought a gorgeous big box/foot stool from the Dollar Wise shop for my “Holiday Box” – here I have put all the things I need to take with me like insect repellant, sun block, medications, first aid items, passport/documents, flashlight, notes of things to do et al. It’s just so easy to pop things in there!

We’ll keep you posted as we go and for cars either currently parked and leaving whilst we’re away, or coming in, all instructions have been emailed to you for either Alison or JP.


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