Business break and jungle trek!

Well after 6 months research, planning and scheduling, Deborah and I are finally taking a break 14.3 – 29.3.

A massive whirlwind break with 7 different flights, 5 different airlines, 2 countries overseas and an 8 day road trip from Darwin via Kakadu to Uluru!

Every last detail has been tried tested and posted to the itinerary, all put together over many weeks with tours, stop overs, accommodation and highlights all detailed hour by hour, day by day.

We will be posting great stories, video and pics for all to see and read of what is possible when you’re organised and done your homework – so let’s see if I’m right that all this is possible without wiping ourselves out and keeping as close as possible to our $4000 budget (each)!

Lu’s tips for going away!

I bought a gorgeous big box/foot stool from the Dollar Wise shop for my “Holiday Box” – here I have put all the things I need to take with me like insect repellant, sun block, medications, first aid items, passport/documents, flashlight, notes of things to do et al. It’s just so easy to pop things in there!

We’ll keep you posted as we go and for cars either currently parked and leaving whilst we’re away, or coming in, all instructions have been emailed to you for either Alison or JP.


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Nature’s scariest and best viewing platforms!

Beautiful pics and wow factor! Enjoy…
Cheers, Lu

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Flat batteries! – a too common event

Managing an unusual and unique car parking facility servicing Sydney Domestic and Sydney International Airports ( often is fraught with dilemma. One of the most common occurences of this is flat battery syndrome!

Whether the battery is brand new or not, parked for a long time or not, latest electronics or not we average about 2 – 3 flat batteries a week!

Such is the volume we have had to purchase a recharger unit which makes it easier to help our clients, BUT if you have a problem like we did last week, where not even the keys would open the vehicle, then you will have to call for roadside assistance.

Luckily the poor man (self parked) who came in on an early flight, tired and surprised that his car wouldn’t unlock, received a great tip from us – as his car is a Mazda, there is a local dealership 5 minutes away (there are quite a few car dealers nearby) and he found out he still had a week left on his roadside assistance!

Phew, that could have been a very expensive addition to the end of his holiday.

If you are parking for a long period of time, it is suggested you have your battery checked if it is holding charge (could be a faulty alternator also) and as some of our clients do, disconnect the battery (check with a mechanic or road assistance first!).

We charge $25 to start your car, so it’s good to err on the side of caution.

Cheers and happy holidays!

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Welcomed Home from a Trip by Mascot’s Sydney Airport Parking

No matter how pleasant your trip away from home is – visiting relatives, going on vacation, sealing a successful business deal that will be sure to win you a longed-for promotion – returning home should be just as pleasant, but stress levels rise again navigating baggage carousels, taxi queues or just getting bewildered in unfamiliar terrain.

Imagine how it will feel, tired and dying to get home, when you see your own car waiting for you to whisk you away from the busy airport or city. You will not need to pay through the nose for a taxi or coordinate your arrival with a family member or friend who will need to reschedule their activities to accommodate yours, especially if your flight is delayed or early! (A very common occurence by the way).

Other than a quick detour to return the valet to base, you will be on your way home, in your own car, within minutes or if taking deluxe valet, loading up your car and already you’re on the way home!

No one offers this level of service at such a low valet fee! Our high quality, highly affordable service can provide you with just such a return, as well as several other alternatives (such as taking the train or a taxi ride to our facility).

Whether your returning flight is domestic or international, cruise arrival at Circular Quay or Barangaroo, a local or city hotel, with our unique alert call or text system, your valet driver will be either waiting with your vehicle in the appropriate area or minutes away.

Road test MPS&V to make your next return quick, smooth, and professional.

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Timeliness and Safety with Sydney Airport Parking Services

Getting to the airport on time to catch your flight, and yet ensuring that your car is stowed safely and economically near at hand while you are away from Sydney, is often a baffling problem for travelers.

Asking for a ride from friends, family, or colleagues may be impractical, especially if you are a frequent flier or have many passengers, luggage and littlies.

Shuttle services can mean long waits and can take hours if sharing with other passengers.

Mascot Parking Services & Valet offer Sydney off-airport parking and personal valet transfer in your own car to any reasonable destination in Sydney, making your next trip smoother while keeping your car safe and close to the airport or the airport link train line for your return.

One of the many advantages of using our service is that you do not need to worry about parking your car before you leave for the airport and lugging your luggage. You can self park, where you are shown your parking bay (no driving around and around looking for an empty bay), then take bus, taxi, train, or opt for your personal valet driving you in your own vehicle to the airport.

Mascot Parking Services & Valet is the only long term parking facility close to all transport modes within easy walking distance allowing them to offer 24/7 parking (special arrangements for after hours).

Their famous capped weekly rates means you pay for 4 days but get 3 days free parking on your first week!

A quick text or use the make an enquiry form to begin a smooth start to your time away!

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Store Your Car Safely with Sydney Airport Parking

As anyone who has travelled by air will know, what to do with your automobile when you are away on a journey is one of the knotty problems that any flier will face, assuming that their house does not stand within walking distance of the airport. Often, it is necessary to make arrangements with a friend or relative to come with you to the airport, then drive your car back to their house after your departure and keep it there, cluttering up their space, until you return. This problem is swept away by making use of Sydney airport parking provided by our firm, Mascot Parking Services & Valet.

Using our parking service makes it possible to park your vehicle long term in a secure location that is easily accessible from the airport. The domestic terminal can be reached in five minutes, and the international terminal is only ten minutes distant.

Getting to the airport on time is crucial, of course – you need to go through security lines, check your baggage, and find the proper gate for your departure. Mascot Parking is located at a spot that allows you to arrive smoothly on time, without needing to come extremely early or try to make clumsy arrangements on the spot while the clock is ticking.

There are bus and train stations with regularly scheduled transport to and from the airport just five minutes walk away, and we will even chauffeur you to the terminal in your own car, then valet park it in our secure garage until your return. You can either return by bus, taxi, or train when you come back to claim your car after your trip, or arrange for us to pick you up at a slight extra charge.

Being able to drive your own vehicle nearly to the airport, and leave it conveniently nearby for your use on your return, is a service that makes any journey by air to and from Sydney easier. Our firm offers the Sydney airport parking that no other does – and unparalleled service.

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Business Trips are Much Easier with the Right Sydney Airport Parking

When you head out of town for an important meeting or business event, you need to get into and out of the airport and wharves quickly. Since every second counts for a busy professional, you’ll want to make use of the most convenient Sydney airport and wharves parking service. Equally as important is the overall cost of the experience. For all businesses, the bottom line is important to longevity and success. Cutting costs wherever possible will allow your business to invest in the future rather than overspending for services like parking.

Airport parking in Sydney and airports around the world often come with exorbitant fees. Get more for your money by doing a little research to select the most cost effective option for your next trip. Whether it will be a quick trip or a long-term event, parking will be a key ingredient to saving money and making it to your flight on time. Valet transfer is an ideal solution when you are in a real hurry and don’t have time to find parking yourself. You can also opt for the convenience of shuttles or busses to and from your vehicle.

Mascot Parking Services & Valet offers a Sydney airport parking and valet transfer experience like no other. With unbeatable rates and friendly service, you will have a hassle-free experience from start to finish. 24/7 parking (valet only available 7am – 9pm), convenient personal valet in your own car, and flexible timelines allow you to personalise your parking experience to suit your needs. Make your business trip simple by choosing the best Sydney airport and wharves parking & valet service. Why waste time and money with another service when you can use the best one? Make every business trip a success with Mascot Parking Services & Valet.

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